How it all began.

How it all began.

Sewing Bridal bags started from when my friend approached me to make a bridal clutch bag for her. She wanted it glittery and sparkly, and lettered. I had no idea how I would make the bag for her, but I took on the challenge. She wanted a bag that said “I DO!” on them. I decided to sit down and make this bag for her. It turned out really well in the end and when I posted it on my Instagram, I started getting a lot of requests from there on. My friend was also part of a wedding group on Facebook where she mentioned about her handmade clutch bag. 

After making the first Bridal clutch, I started developing more designs, and more colour palettes in the glitter fabric. The possibilities were endless with the colours I was getting on the market. But luckily after posting that very first bag on Etsy - and through word of mouth from customers, I had the first batch of Bridal orders come through. 

June and July was the most busiest season for me that year, leading up to a very quiet Christmas season. I used the quiet months to plan on different designs of clutch bags for both the Bride and Bride squad. Eventually January came around and I started off my year with some more orders and queries to custom bridal bags. Some Brides wanted different colours and some wanted a different style of lettering. I wanted to make sure I give it all my best. 

When I first started Etsy I was not sure of what I would sell, and what my target customer was. I eventually found my customer and it was Brides to be. That’s how my journey began.



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