Personalised Bridal Bag Threaded by Pooja

Handmade personalised Glitter pouch bags for the Bride to be and team Bride

We can completely personalise your wedding day accessories. You can choose the font, the colours - to ensure the palette matches that of your celebration - and even the design. I can work with a picture that you send me or sew words that say "I do!", "Wifey", or anything else you desire. If you want your wedding party to have matching bags, these are easy to order as well.

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Personalised Bridal Denim Jacket Threaded by Pooja

Personalised Denim Jacket with glitter lettering

Choose to have your denim jacket personalised in shimmer or chunky glitter lettering!

• Pick your own jacket, and ship it to us.

• We discuss your design and design it up for you (4-5 weeks turnaround time).

• Ship it back to you!